(PR) Pull Request

A Pull Request (PR) is a feature in Git version control systems that allows developers to submit changes to a project's codebase for review and integration. When a developer creates a pull request, they are essentially proposing changes to the existing code. This can include fixing bugs, adding new features, or improving existing ones. Other team members can then review the proposed changes, discuss them, and either accept or reject them. If the changes are accepted, they are merged into the main codebase, making them a part of the official project. Pull requests are a crucial part of the development process, as they allow for collaboration and review among team members, ensuring the quality and stability of the codebase.

Remember that PRs are usually reviewed by the maintainers or contributors of a project, so it's important to be polite, provide a clear description of the changes you made, and address any feedback you receive. Good luck with your contributions!